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UK Fish Ponds & Water Garden Supplies. Concept, Creation & Care
About us
Bradshaws Customer Service & Hel
All Garden Ponds Have Algae ... Here's How To Control Blanket Weed and Pond Algae
Every Fish Pond Must Have A Bioflter To Ensure Clean Water & Healthy Goldfish or Koi
Your Garden Pond Will Be So Much Better With The Right Aquatic Plants
Learn Everything About Garden Fish Ponds ... Enjoy Your Water Garden More
Choosing The Right Pond Waterfall or Fountain Pump Made Easy ....
Top Tips For Garden Fish Ponds |New Water Garden Owners Start Here
Garden Ponds. Maintenance Pond Kit, Preformed Ponds and Rock Effect Ponds
Fish Food For Gold Fish and Koi, Flakes, Staples, Wheatgerm and Pellets
Pond Tools, Cables, Connectors, Reducers, Pond Power Kits, Fittings, Deterrents and Pond Heaters
Pond and Water Garden Lighting. Hozelock lights, Solar Lights and Photech Lights
Pond Additives... To Treat Blanket Weed, Cloudy Water and Bacteria
Pond Vacuums ... Cleaning the Pond was Never this Easy
Find Suitable Water Features and Pond Ornaments for your Garden
Pond Filters... Find the Best Filtration System for your Pond
Pond Plants ... Water Lilies, Tropical  Plants, Japanese Water Plants
Garden Pond Pumps, Fountain Pumps, Filter and Air Pumps
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Buy Your Pond Supplies From Bradshaws | Making UK Water Garden Shoppers Happy For 25
bradalgae/ 9 pages
Ultra Violet Light Destroys Algae In Garden Fish Ponds
For Crystal Clear Sparkling Pond Water Use Ultra Violet Light
Algae In Garden Fish Ponds How To Control It 100 Effectively In
UVC To Remove Suspended Algae In Pond Water
Seasonal Impacts Upon Carbon Dioxide Pond Problems
Using Barley Straw To Control Green Pond Algae Blanket Weed
Practical Application Of Barley Straw For String Algae Murky
Barley Straw Extract Green Algae Blanketweed Control In Ponds
How To Get Rid Of Blanket Weed In Your Fish Ponds Introducing
bradfilters/ 11 pages
How To Make Sure Your Fish Pond Water Is Always Clean Clear
Sand Filters and Fluidised Bed Filters For Goldfish and Koi
How Do BioFilters Work To Clean Purify Pond water
How To Understand Biomedia and save Good Money On The Best Pond
How to Select a Biofilter Based Upon Pond Water Volume
Understanding The Workings Biology Inside Any Pond Bio Filter
Ammonia Pollution Toxic Chemicals How To Avoid Them In Your
Using The Principles of Biofiltration To Improve Any Goldfish or
Introducing Kaldnes Biomedia In Hozelock Trinamic Pond Filter
Japanese Matting As An Excellent Koi Fish Pond Filter BioMedia
Bradshaws Home Page | About us |
bradplants/ 15 pages
The Water Lily Other Aquatic Or Water Garden Plants For Your
Top Water Garden or Aquatic Plants | Arranged By Colour and Type
Adorable, Colourful Majestic Aquatic Plants For The Water Garden Pond
Water Gardening, Koi Ponds & A Veggie Filter (Vegetable or Aquatic Plant Filter)
Using Aquatic Pond Plants Like A Water Lily To Create Shade In A Water Garden Fish Pond
Japanese Theme For A Water Garden or Koi Pond Gardening Project
Plants For Hanging Baskets and Pots Around Water Garden Ponds
Water Lilies, Nymphaea or Lotus Flowers for Ponds and Water Gardens
Planting Method, Pots, Crates and Other Aquatic Plant Holding Products
Bradshaws Floating Planters, Aquatic Planting Baskets and Aquaplanters
Useful List Of Aquatic Plants No Flower Sun and Shade
Useful List Of Aquatic Plants Flowers Appear In Spring
Useful List Of Aquatic Plants Which Flower In Spring and Autumn
Long List Aquatic Plants Flowering Summer bog, marginal and pond edge
Information About Top Water Gardening Aquatic Plants | List By Colour and Latin Name
bradponds/ 35 pages
How To Calculate Water Volumes Flow rates In Different Units
Know Your Fish Food and Learn How To Save Money On Feeding Koi
Learn How To Save Money On Feeding Koi and Goldfish ... continued
How To Prevent Disease and Water Garden Pond Fish Health
Why EVERY Garden Fish Pond Needs A Good Reliable Pond Pump
How To Add Oxygen To A Garden Fish Pond Using An Air Pump Air
How To Attract Birds, Frogs, Newts & Other Aquatic Life To Your Garden Fish Pond
How To Decide On Pond Depth How To Determine Average Depth In
How To Safely Install Electrical Products In Your Water Garden
How To Decide Upon Electrical Requirements For Your Water Garden
An Introduction To Building A Garden Fish Pond
How To Select Products When You Build A Water Garden Or Fish
How To Create The Right Pond For You | Map Out Initial Design & Construction Ideas
How To Choose The Right Site For Your Water Garden Design
How To Install A Garden Preformed Liner Pond On Level Ground
Concrete Pond Considerations Calculating Volume of Any Simple
How To Calculate Water Volumes For Any Garden Fish Pond of Any Shape
What You Must Have In Your Pond or Water Garden Starter Kits
Know The Different Types Features Of Liners For Ponds Water
How To Build A Small Water Feature For A Patio or Garden Corner
How To Keep Pond Surfaces Clean Use A Skimmer
Problem Solving Guide For Fish Pond Keepers Water Gardeners
Is It Important To Test Garden Fish Pond Water Regularly
Water Garden Pond Volume Measurement | Use Surface Area & Average Depth
How To Determine Pond Volumes ... Any Pond Shape and Depth
Water Quality Management & Water. Garden Fish Pond pH and Hardness
Water Gardening Fish Pond Keeping Is Also About Water Quality
Bradshaws Water Gardening and Pond Care Books Available Online
BKKS (British Koi Keeping Society) Branches In United Kingdom. Join A Koi Club
Quick Pond Keeping Answers To Common Water Gardening Questions
Another Top 5 Tips & Common Water Gardening Questions Answered
Garden Fish Pond Installation and Care. More Top Tips To Ponder
Building & Maintaining Water Gardening Installations. Top Tips To Ponder
Ponds and Water Gardens. Top Tips To Ponder
Ponds, Ponders and Pondering About Water Gardens. Top Tips To help
bradpumps/ 14 pages
What Does Maximum Flow Mean On A Pond Pump Box Mean
The Pump Term Maximum Head
Never Stop Your Fish Pond Pump Unless For A Couple Of Minutes
How To Select The Right Pond Pump From Manufacturers Pump Curves
How To Select Water Pipes Tubing Pond Pump Fittings
How To Choose The Right Fountain Pump For Your Pond
Consider Pipe Pressure Drop or Friction Losses In Choosing A
How To Compare Garden Pond Fountain Filter Waterfall Pumps To
Submersible Water Pump Problem Solving Guide For Fish Ponders
How To Save Waterfall Pump Power Costs Have Pond Filter Pump
Top 20 Pond Pump Tips To help You Choose Your Pump Well
Which Pond Pump Do I Need Waterfall Filter
How To Choose The Ideal Waterfall Pump For Your Pond
How Do Garden Pond Fountain Waterfall Pumps Work
pondcleaning/ 5 pages
Protective Pond Clothing, Pond Gloves & Pond Waders
Oase Pondovac | Able to Clean Out Sludge, Silt & Dead Vegetation from the ponds Surface
Tensor Pond Vacuum Sucks Up All the Dirt & Debris from the Pond
Gardena Pond Vacuum, Cleans Out Sludge, Silt & Dead Vegetation at the Bottom of the Pond
Oase Pondovac 3 Latest Oase Pond Vacuum For Easy Fish Pond Cleaning
pondproducts/ 7 pages
Flexible Pond Liner in Top Selling Polyex and PVC from Bradshaws Direct UK
Tensor Pond Vacuums Make Cleaning Garden Fish Ponds Easy & Convenient
Oase Pondovac 3 Latest Oase Pond Vacuum For Easy Fish Pond Cleaning
Hozelock Cascade Series of Pond and Fountain Pumps
Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Pond Filter |  Easy to maintain & clean
Maximus Ranger of Pond and Fountain Pumps from Bradshaws Direct
Lotus Olympus Pond Filter and Waterfall Pumps from Bradshaws Direct
prodfeatures/ 2 pages
Pond Kits with Pebble Waterfalls | All in One Kit to get Your Garden Pond Started
Oasis Similar Cobblefalls Cascade, Single & Double Waterfalls
prodfilters/ 16 pages
Hozelock Pressurised Bioforce Filters Ensures a Healthy Pond
Hozelock Bioforce Filter Systems Combined with UVC for Clear Guaranteed Pond Water
Hozelock Cyprio Easy clear, with Fountain Heads, Flow Adjuster & Integrated 5w
Hozelock Ecocel Filter Systems, for a Healthy & Biological Filtration
Hozelock Ecomax Filtration Systems Combined with Ultra Violet Clarifier
Filter Brushers & Foam Layers to Service the Filtration System
Pond Filtration Kit. Oase Biosys Sets, Biotec,  Bitron UVC and Aquamax filter pump
Oase Filtoclear & Filter Set, with Aquamax Pump, Pressurised Filter & Easy to Clean
Get Cclear Clean Pond Water with Lotus Green Filter & Genie Max filter
Fishmate Pressurised Filters for Mechanical & Biological Filtration in Garden Ponds
Oase Bitron UVC | Biotec Filters & UVC Replacement Bulbs
Oasis Green 2 Clean Combined Filters Include a Pond Filter that Gives Healthy Water with a UVC
Oasis Vortec Chamber, Mechanical Filtration, Brushes & Biological Filtration
Tropical Marine Company (TMC) Professional Pond UVC 30 Watt
Hozelock Vorton UVC has a Special Turbulator to Eliminate Algae from Garden Ponds
Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Pond Filter |  Easy to maintain & clean
prodfood/ 7 pages
Koi & Goldfish Fish Food Feeding Ring & Programmable Feeder
Automatic FishMate Fish Feeder | Able to Feed Fish in Pond & Larger Aquariums
Koi and Goldfish Food | Bradshaws Flake & Pellet Food
Nishikoi Pond Flake, Sticks & Sinking Pellets for Gold Fish & Koi
Nishikoi Fish Food, Staple pellets, Growth Food & Wheat Germ for Koi
Fish and koi Food | Tetra Pond Growth Food, Floating Sticks & Variety Sticks
Interpet Fish Treatment Chemicals, for Illness and Wounds
prodlights/ 4 pages
Hozelock Pond Lighting, Aquaglow Light Sets, Coloured Lenses & Light Cables
Bradshaws Pond Lighting, Garden Rock Lights & Super Spotlights
Pond Lighting | Blagdon Photech Garden Spotlights
Pond Lighting | a Variety of Solar Garden & Pond Lights
prodplants/ 2 pages
Pond Plants | a Variety of Suitable Plants to Add to your Garden Pond
Pond Plants | a Variety of Water Lilies Plants to Add to your Garden Pond
prodponds/ 3 pages
Oasis Clear Pond & Kit Set with Multi Chamber Design & Built in UVC
Bioforce Replacement Foam, Packs & Maintenance Pond Kit
Pond liners | Bradshaws Alternative Pond Liners Including Butyl & PVC
prodpumps/ 8 pages
Draper High Pressure Pumps for Ponds & Waterfalls
Lotus Maximus for a Great Fountain Pumps
Oase Filter Pumps | Promax, Profimax & Aquamax Pumps
Solar Pumps | Floating Island, Lugano, Hawaii can Create an Attractive Display
Hozelock Titan Pumps for Filtration, Garden Waterfalls & Watercourses
Trident Feature Pumps for Small Garden Water Features & Spitters
Hozelock Cascade Series of Pond and Fountain Pumps
A Range of Self Contained Water Features with Own Pump & Reservoir
prodtools/ 9 pages
Armadillo Waterproof Rubber Cable, RCD Plugs & Pond Power Kits & Fittings
Animal Deterrents. Get Protection from Predators Invading your Pond & Garden
Planting Baskets | Top Quality Planting Baskets Ideal for Water Lilies & Other Aquatic Plants
Plastic Pipe Fittings | Valves, Hose Connectors & Flow reducers & Adaptor
Pond Nets| Blagdon Telescopic Alloy Koi Inspection Net Handles
Plastic Pipe Fittings, Fixing Tapes, Fibres, Sealants & Hose Clippings
Pond pumps, Garden Accessories, Pond Floating & Surface Skimmers to Ensure a Clean Pond
Electrical Pond Tools | Floating Thermometer, Powersafe Switch Boxes
Pond Maintenance | Pool Heaters, PH Tester, Blanket Weed Controller