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Lotus Maximus for a Great Fountain Pumps

Lotus MaximusThe Maximus fountain pump comes with many accessories allowing different fountains at varying pond depths. It has quite large holes in it's outer casing which will stop large particles being sucked in but allowing fine particles to be pumped through.

Therefore there is less maintenance needed with this pump. Designed for year round use the Lotus Maximus pumps has a long life, state of the art ceramic shaft with high performance bearings that enable the pump to run continuously in extreme conditions. Features include: 4 fountain roses, a bell jet fountain and T-piece included, advanced design filter housing, which eliminates the need for a filter sponge when used in conjunction with a waterfall or filtration system, leads to much less maintenance and if you are using a fountain, the optional foams (sold separately) will cover the holes stopping the fountain head from becoming blocked comes in complete with a 3 year guarantee.

Lotus Maximus Fountain Pumps:

Product Fountain Height max lph @ 1m head  Max Flow Size  Iph @ 1m head Hose  Size   Running Cost Watts
 Maximus 600    0.5m    488    12-25   14
 Maximus 800    1.0m    540    12-25   15
 Maximus 1250    1.2m    810    12-25   19
 Maximus 1500    1.3m    1350    12-25   96
 Maximus 2000    1.7m    1800    12-25   98
 Maximus 3000    1.9m    2790    12-25   104
 Maximus 4000    2.3m    3645    12,20,25,40   97
 Maximus 5000    3.5m    4500    12,20,25,40   103
 Maximus 7500    4.3m    6750    12,20,25,40   180
 Maximus 9000    4.3m    8100    12,20,25,40   190

Maximus Extension Pipe 1 Piece

Placing the Maximus in water deeper than 20 inches you will need some of these extensions to bring the fountain head above the surface of the pond. One piece is 4 inches long and is available in packs of 1, 2 or 3.

Maximus Foams 600 - 1250

If you are using the Lotus Maximus to operate a fountain, these foams will cover the holes stopping the fountain head from blocking. 3 sizes available to fit your Maximus pump.


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