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Draper SWP Manual 120

Draper submersible pumps are robust in design and are ideal where a large flow of water is required. A high pressure pump it can Draper SWP Manual 120handle 4mm solids, reducing the need for cleaning. Suitable for use with large watercourses and emptying ponds.

The Draper pump features a ceramic shaft long life, thermal overload protection, which will turn the pump off automatically should it become blocked. Can also be used in and around the home and garden. Ideal for irrigating gardens and draining cellars/basements.


Draper SWP Manual 120 Pump:

Product Max Flow 1m head Max Flow  2m head    Max Flow 3m head     Running Cost Watts    Hose Size    
 SWP 120 man    6000    4300    3300    200    20-40  



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