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Fish and koi Food. Tetra Pond Growth Food, Floating Sticks and Variety Sticks

Tetra Variety Sticks

TetraPond Variety Sticks provide a variety of food that is highly palatable, digestible and which offers fish a Tetra Variety Sticks 600gcomplete diet. Containing a mixture of Tetra Floating Food sticks, Koi Sticks and Wheatgerm Sticks. This formulation will provide all the vitamins, colour enhancers, and nutrients your fish need for excellent health, growth and condition.

TetraPond Variety sticks can be fed as a complete diet all year round, or during the spring and autumn when the portion of Wheatgerm sticks will aid digestion. Particularly useful in ponds where there is a mixture of Koi and other pond fish and it contains 31% protein and also Vitamin enriched for health and colour.

Tetra Floating Sticks

Tetra Foodsticks contain all of the nutrients needed by pond fish, balanced quantities ensure optimum digestion with minimum waste.

 Tetra Floating SticksTetra floating sticks provides a balanced diet for your fish, suitable for all fish including Koi. Ideal for feeding during Spring, Summer and Autumn, vitamin enriched for Health and colour and contains 28% protein.




Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks

Tetra Wheatgerm sticks are ideal for all pond fish. These sticks contain all of the nutrition's required by fish during the winter, in a format that is easy to digest.

Tetra Wheatgerm SticksBy feeding fish during the winter, their energy reserves will not be depleted, and they will start the new season in much better condition.




Tetra Growth Food

Tetra Growth FoodTetra growth food gives ultra high protein levels for growth. Suitable for pond fish and Koi, contains 32% protein and also provides an optimal balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals for health and vitality.



Tetra Koi Sticks

Tetra Koi SticksKoi have slightly different nutritional needs to other pond fish, and they also require extra colour enhancers in order to look their best. This food will provide Koi and other pond fish with a complete, highly digestible diet, leading to maximum health, condition and colour. Tetra Koi sticks are a complete balanced diet for fish especially koi and includes natural colour enhancers also contains 31% protein.


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