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Hozelock Vorton UVC has a Special Turbulator to Eliminate Algae from Garden Ponds

Vorton UVC is efficient in eliminating green water algae from garden ponds. The introduction of the available vorton range has changed UVC's because of its unique features making them superior in performance, vorton uvc is simple to install easy to clean and maintain.

Hozelock Vorton UVCOne of the most advanced UVCs available. The Vorton incorporates a special turbulator that forces the water to flow around the bulb in a corkscrew like motion. This means that all the water is treated equally unlike in conventional UVCs where some water is treated for longer and some for less time. All models of Vorton incorporate a single ended UV bulb that produces 30% more light and stays efficient for 60% longer than an ordinary double ended bulb. This allows the bulb to be changed more easily as only one end of the UV needs to be accessed. Features are; Clear water guarantee when used with an appropriate Hozelock filter, Complete with 5m of cable, Easy to install with multi-directional inlet and outlet hosetails which rotate through 360 degrees, making it easier to route the hosing to and from the outlet, Translucent hosetails, when the uvc is operating they glow.

Vorton UVCs are up to 50% more efficient than any other Ultra Violet Clarifiers on the market. This is a design from Hozelock Cyprio, was aimed at maximizing its efficiency, durability, reliability and ease use.

Also features an In built 'Turbulator', the flow of the water through the UVC, increases the units efficiency by even exposure of the water to the UV light and eliminate of air locks. With a design of a single ended UV lamp, that provides more UV light and stay for a longer period. A operating temperature that ensures UV lamps are kept within their operating temperature.

For installation a unique Multi direction Inlet and Outlet. This enables to rotate the inlet and outlet through 360 degrees makes it easy to route the hose to and from the unit. Joining up the pipework is simple because of the quick connect hose.

The Vorton UVC has easy access for cleaning the quartz tube and main body. Cleaning and sealing is simple with only one opened end. The UVC can be easily removed from the mounting bracket to aid servicing and maintenance.

The vorton range: Vorton 2200 for ponds up to 2200 litres, 4500 for ponds up to 4500 litres, 9000 for ponds up to 9000 litres, 14000 for ponds up to 3000 litres, 18000 for ponds up to 4000, 27000 for pond up to 6000 litres.

Hozelock Vorton UVC:

Vorton Max Flow UV Wattage Outlet size mm Inlet Hose size mm
Vorton 2200 1100 5 20-40 20-40
Vorton 4500 2200 9 20-40 20-40
Vorton 9000 4500 11 20-40 20-40
Vorton 14000 700 11 20-40 20-40
Vorton 18000 900 2 x 9 20-40 20-40
Vorton 27000 13500 2 x 11 20-40 20-40

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