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Tropical Marine Company (TMC) Professional Pond UVC 30 Watt

These Professional UVCs from TMC are popular with those who have larger or heavily stocked ponds. Pro TMC Proffesional UVCClear Advantage units require virtually no maintenance and use unique translucent hose connectors which glow to show that the UV lamp is working.

Brackets are included to wall mount the unit, dual inlet/outlet fittings allow the unit to be fitted in the most convenient position available, each TMC proffessional UVC comes with a manufacturer clear pond water guarantee with an appropriate biological filter.

TMC Professional Pond UVC:

Product  Max  Flow lph   UV  Wattage    Outle tsize mm     Inlet Hose size mm 
TMC Professional 30    13500    30  25-40    25-40  
TMC Professional 55    18000    55    25-40    25-40  

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