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Get Clear Clean Pond Water with Lotus Green Filter and Genie Max Filter

Lotus Green Genie 2000

The Green Genie from Lotus is a biological filter and ultraviolet clarifier, designed to provide clean clear pond water. The biological filtration uses dimple foam and flocor media, together they ensure the pond water is kept free of pollutants providing a healthy environment for your fish and plants.

Lotus Green GenieThe ultraviolet clarifier reinforces this and maintains clear water in your pond. The Lotus Green Genie features include: Low maintenance and easy to clean, each filter component can be removed, above ground installation, top outlet allows partial burial and a spray bar oxygenates water to aid filtration. Fitted with an inlet flow control for regulating water flow included in all models.

Lotus Green Genie is available in the following models: Green Genie 2000 with a flow rate of 1600, 3000 with a flow rate of 1700, 6000 with a flow rate of 1800, 12000 with a flow rate of 3060, 24000 with a flow rate of 3780 and model 48000 with a max flow rate of 10080.

Available Lotus Green Genie:

Product Max Flow UV Wattage Outlet size mm Inlet Hose size mm
Green Genie 2000 1600 4 32 20-25
Green Genie 3000 1700 8 32 20-25
Green Genie 6000 1800 16 32 20-25
Green Genie 12000 3060 16 2 x 32 20-25
Green Genie 24000 3780 25 2x 40 20-25
Green Genie 48000 10080 2 x 25 2 x 40 20-25

Lotus Genie Max filters

The Lotus Genie Max filtration kit comprises of the popular Maximus fountain pump and non-pressurised combined Green Genie, to give a crystal clear and healthy water. Lotus Genie Max features: A clear water guarantee, popular Maximus fountain pump, a non pressurised.

Lotus GenieMaxThe Maximus fountain pump comes with many accessories allowing different fountains at varying pond depths. The Lotus Genie Max has quite large holes in its outer casing which will stop large particles being sucked in but allowing fine particles to be pumped through.



Available Lotus Genie Max filters:

Product Pump Filter Pond Size ltr
Geniemax 2 Maximus 1250 G/Genie 2000 1215
Geniemax 6 Maximus 2000 G/Genie 6000 2700
Geniemax 12 Maximus 3000 G/Genie 12000 4185

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