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Oase Filtoclear and Filter Set, with Aquamax Pump, Pressurised Filter and Easy to Clean

Oase Filtoclear Set

Re-Vamped for 2005, the Oase Filtoclear sets has an Aquamax pump and the filter is a combined pressurised system and guarantees clear Oase Filtoclear Setwater for easy pond solution. Available combined Oase pond kit provides low maintenance to any pond. With the Filtoclear set new technology you are guaranteed to experience clear and clean pond water for fish and plants. 




Oase Filtoclear:

Product  Pump    Filter    Pond size ltr   
 Filtoclear Set 1  A/max 4000  F/clear 3000  4000  
 Filtoclear Set 2  A/max 6000  F/clear 6000  6000  
 Filtoclear Set 3  A/max 8000  F/clear 11000  9000
 Filtoclear Set 4  A/max 12000  F/clea 15000  15000  

Oase Filtoclear 3000

Oase FiltoclearAll models of this top of the range pressurised filter incorporate an integrated Ultra Violet Clarifier to guarantee crystal clear water. The combination of fine mechanical, large pore biological filter as special elements and a powerful UVC are what makes the Oase Filtoclear filter to be so effective.


Oase Filtoclear:

Product Max Flow   UV Wattage Outlet size mm Inlet Hose size mm
 Filtoclear 3000    1500    9    20-40    20-40  
 Filtoclear 6000    3000    11    20-40    20-40  
 Filtoclear 11000  5500    11    20-40    20-40  
 Filtoclear 15000  15000    11    20-40    20-40  

Oase Filtoclear Foam Sets 3000

Filtoclear Foam SetsReplacement foams for Oase Filtoclear and pressurised filters.



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