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Hozelock Ecomax UVC 2200

Ecomax combined biological filter and UVC. Ecomax provides extra UV and biological performance for cleaner water in garden fish ponds. It is highly efficient mechanical and biological filter for ponds up to 9000 litres.

Hozelock Ecomax UVCThe Ecomax is a combined biological filter and ultra violet clarifier, forming the top model within the Eco range from Hozelock. It has a venturi spray head on the inlet which adds oxygen into the water, helping to develop your colony of friendly bacteria. Also a Turbulator in the UVC increases efficiency by allowing even exposure of the water to the UV light. Features a built in drain allows the easy removal of sludge that has built up in the bottom of the filter, Inspection hatch to check the filter, Includes carry handles for easy lifting, Covered by Hozelocks Clear Water Guarantee. Extra benefits of Ecomax are: Turbulator technology in the UV, Powerful venturi that sucks air into the water for more oxygen, Cypripac biomedia, bottom and upwards water flow and a drain plug at base that allows easy washing of the sludge in the filter.

Pond water enters the filter and passes close to a UV lamp, which makes algae clump together so it can be caught by foam.

The flow of water through the UVC, created by the product design' In built turbulator', it increases the ecomax filter effeciency by exposure of the water to the UV light. And again destroys the possibility of air locks.

The venturi's position in the filter is important, because the water leaves the UV chamber via a venturi, that aerates the water for a high oxygenated contend. This breaks down the harmful pollutants in the water.

Pond water passes through plastic biomedia where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants. The biomedia contained in the Hozelock ecomax filter it has been scientifically tested to ensure optimum biological filtration performance.

A drain is built in to flush out sludge, that remains at the bottom of the filter. The floor of the filter sloped to sludge collects around the drain for easy removal and a tap can be fitted to control the sludge draining process. Included is a viewing hatch to observe the internal filter operation.

Product Max Flow UV Wattage Outlet size mm Inlet Hose size mm
Eco-max 2200 1100 6 40 20 -40
Eco-max 4500 2200 8 40 20 - 40
Eco-max 9000 4500 16 2 x 40 20 - 40

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