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Hozelock Ecocel Filter Systems, for a Healthy and Biological Filtration

Ecocel, simple biological filter for clean water in ponds. Hozelock Ecocel is a compact filtration system with biological pond filters built in ultra violet clarifier for a clear and also healthy pond water. For ponds up to 9000 litres (2000 gallons)

Hozelock EcocelThe Ecocel filter gives effective filtration but does not have the UVC to reduce algae. Natural bacteria colonizes the filter media and purify the pond water as it is pumped through the filter box. Ecocel does not guarantee crystal clear water unless used with a Vorton UVC. Includes top Outlet so it can be partially buried and foam Layers. The Eco-cel provides basic filtration to create a healthy pond environment breaking down harmful fish waste.

The Ecocel compact filtration system has a mechanical filtration, a layer of foam that sieves the solid particles away. Water is oxygenated in the Ecocel filter for healthy fish and efficient biological filtration.

How it operates is when water enters the Ecocel filter via a spray head, which aerates the water for a high oxygen content. Solid particles in the water are trapped in a foam sheet.

Biological filtration. Biomedia has a high surface area for the colonization of beneficial bacteria. As water passes through the biomedia, beneficial bacteria breaks down ammonia and other pollutants so the water is not harmful to the fishes and plants. A viewing glass to observe the internal operation of the Hozelock Ecocel filter, in particular whether any maintenance in needed.

Hozelock Ecocel filter systems:

Product Max Flow Outlet size mm Inlet hose size mm
Eco-cel 2200 1100 40 20 - 40
Eco-cel 4500 2200 40 20- 40
Eco-cel 9000 4500 2 x 40 20 - 40

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