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Hozelock Cyprio Easy Clear, with Fountain Heads, Flow Adjuster and Integrated 5w

The Easyclear is a unit that is positioned in the pond and defines everything a pond owner wants in a beautiful pond. If you are worried about the operation and maintenance of the Easyclear pump, rest assured that it is easily maintained and provides the best operation with a flow control to adjust size fountain and a fully integrated filter. Everything in this pump works beautifully under the water.

Hozelock EasyclearThe EasyClear is a fully integrated unit that guarantees beautiful, clear, and healthy pond water. The perfect all in one solution for the small pond. Simply place the unit in the pond and switch on, solves the problem of disguising above water filter boxes. With only one 10m electric cable and no hose connections - this makes installation incredibly simple. The Easyclear is a mechanical, biological in pond filter with built in 5w UVC and 35w pump. It is a reliable and attractive fountain display. We call it a 2 in 1 action. The easy clear is for small pond owners beginners, because the display clearly shows that it is for a pond up to 8ft x 5ft x 18in. And accessories included are a 2 tier jet, a 3 tier jet, a bell jet and 4 fountain stem extension pieces.

The Easyclear filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and makes the water clear and healthy fish and plants. And also comes with the ultra violet clarifier that eliminates green water from the pond and makes it clear.

Clear water fountain pump, the easyclear fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of three fountain heads. Easyclear pump guarantees Clearwater in ponds of up to 450 gallons.

Hozelock Cyprio has designed the Easyclear pond pump to provide pond owners with a non confusing and easy installation. Easyclear has multitude of features to make installation operation and the maintenance easy and simple.

Easyclear features are: one power cord, ball joint for easy leveling of fountainhead, feet for stability and a fountain stem extension segments for varying pond depths.

Easy operation? Nothing operates as simple as the Easyclear pump, with the 3 fountainheads for display choice, flow control to adjust size of fountain, and a fully integrated filter-UVC, providing mechanical and biological filtration system.

Available Easyclear:

Product  UV size     Pond  size ltr   
Easyclear    5 watt    1500  

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