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Hozelock Pressurised Bioforce Filters Ensures a Healthy Pond

The Hozelock Bioforce is a pressurised filter that can be partially buried or fitted behind a waterfall or other garden feature to hide it from view. Bioforce is ideal for pond keepers who want simplicity, clear water and a hidden filter system.

Hozelock Bioforce Filter The Hozelock Bioforce forces water through a series of foam layers which filters out suspended particles. Beneficial bacteria also develop in the foams, increasing effective filtration and the time between cleaning. It can be placed anywhere around the pond, sunk into the ground and hidden away. The 4500 and 9000 models include bio-media as well as foams to increase the number of friendly bacteria. Features: Extremely compact: the Bioforce can be sunk into the ground and discharge water upwards to the top of a waterfall, UVC Bioforce model also available, Cleaning Indicator, 2 year guarantee.

Bioforce is a biological filter and you can get is as a combined biological filter and UVC. The UVC in the filter guarantees clear pond water, that is if the correct pond size is used.

Extra benefits of the Bioforce filter are; It can be completely hidden by burying it up to its lid, water can be pumped from the bioforce up to the top of the waterfall. The bioforce holds more beneficial bacteria than other filter of the same size.

The Hozelock Bioforce filter has a single ended UV lamp which is able to stay for a longer period. And a indicator which shows when Bioforce needs cleaning.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of the UV unit with bayonet fittings on casing and quartz sleeve for easy maintenance. Graded foam discs for better dirt removal as the dirt passes through.

Bioforce are highly effective compact filtration systems. By being pressurised by the pond pump, water can be pumped up to the top of a waterfall.

Hozelock Pressurised Bioforce Filters:

Product Max Flow Outlet size mm Inlet Hose size mm
 Bioforce 1100    550    20-25    20-25  
 Bioforce 2200    1100    20-25    20-25  
 Bioforce 4500    2200    20-25    20-25  
 Bioforce 9000    4500    20-40    20-40  

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