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Hozelock Cascade Series of Pond and Fountain Pumps

Made in the UK for many years the Hozelock Cascade is the best selling most well know pond and fountain pump. The Cascade pumps carry a 3 year guarantee, costs pennies to run and be relied upon to do the job you want.

Hozelock Cascade Pump From Bradshaws

Take a look at the comparison between the different models in the table below. Each pump with the exception of the 2 largest Cascade models come with a complete fountain kit arrangement including fountain jet assortment, telescopic extension nozzle to make it easier to use the fountains in different pond depths, and a 2 way valve that when manipulated will allow water flow in 2 directions ... one part of the pump flow can be sent to a waterfall while the second flow portion can go to the fountain.

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A great pond and fountain pump range ...

Hozelock Cascade Pump Model Pump Height max in m lph @ 1m head Fit Pipe in mm Cost Watts Bradshaw Code
Cascade 450 0.63m 0 12 6 HZCD0450
Cascade 700 0.75m 0 12 10 HZCD0700
Cascade 1000 1.16m 500 25 18 HZCD1000
Cascade 1500 1.2m 900 25 20 HZCD1500
Cascade 2000 1.3m 1200 25 24 HZCD2000
Cascade 3000 1.4m 1875 25 30 HZCD3000
Cascade 4000 1.6m 2800 25 40 HZCD4000
Cascade 5500 * 3.25m 4320 25 115 HZCD5500
Cascade 7000 * 3.5m 6140 25 175 HZCD7000
*5500 - 7000 do not include telescopic extension nozzle          

If you look at the model numbers above they refer to the approximate maximum volume at the pond surface (ie flow in lph with no pipe attached to the pump outlet)..... this number can be used to compare models but this figure should no be used in any specification. You need to know the height (called head) and volume flow of water you want to pump if you have a waterfall.

  • All Cascade pumps are unique in using TRF (Thermal Re-settable Fuse), where the pump switches off if it becomes blocked to prevent motor damage

  • All Cascades have a complete range of accessories to allow a broad range of uses. Telescopic extension tube, 2 fountain heads, bell jet and a quick release hose connector

  • Use a Cascade for fountains, waterfalls, ornaments and filtration. Easy to clean, anti-clog, foam free strainer greatly increases maintenance intervals

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Bradshaw's Slick Professional Order Line & Customer Sales Advice

Bradshaws understand that the creation of your first pond or water feature can seem quite daunting. We provide all the help and advice you'll ever need and we're just a phone call away (Call 01904 698803). We sell a range of pond pumps covering every conceivable duty from fountain pumps to high power solids handling pumps. The Hozelock Cascade series is the best selling range in the UK. So give us a ring to find out more and ask for a recommendation for your own unique situation.

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Would you like to see who and what we really are? Of course then always feel free to meet us in person. Pop into our store. Our headquarters in York feature a thriving retail outlet, with a range of Aquatic Plants, Pond Equipment, Pumps, Filters, Fish and Aquarium Products and much more. Bradshaws highly trained staff are always on hand to discuss your pond plans & equipment requirements.

Directions to Bradshaws In York

Bradshaws is situated on James Nicolson Link, Clifton Moor, York.  This is just off the northern ring road (A1237) behind the Clifton Moor Retail Park. Take the third exit off the small Tesco roundabout, keep the Flying Legends pub on your left, take the first left after The Max onto Kettlestring Lane. James Nicolson Link is the next right.

Tel. 01904 696960. Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm, Saturday 8.30am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm


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