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Armadillo Waterproof Rubber Cable, RCD Plugs and Fittings. The Armadillo Waterproof Cable Connector is designed to connect two ends of flexible outdoor cable safely. IP68 rated waterproof connector.

Animal deterrents. Get Protection from Predators Invading your Pond and Garden. The electric fence kit contains all you need to protect the average garden pond. It controls animals by giving a harmless electric shock on contact.

Planting Baskets, Top Quality Planting Baskets Ideal for Water Lilies and Other Aquatic Plants. Quality aquatic planting baskets. Unlike normal pots they let water flow freely in and out allowing plants to take up more nutrients from the water. Available in packs of three.

Plastic Pipe Fittings, Valves, Hose Connectors & Flow reducers & Adaptor. The exit pipe from a non pressurised filter box should be rigid pipe, not flexible hose. These lengths of plastic pipe are ideal for the job and come in two sizes.

Pond Maintenance Nets. Nets suitable for removing duckweed and algae, as well as catching your fish

Plastic Pipe Fittings, Fixing Tapes, Fibres, Sealants and Hose Clippings. This is an effective sealer for concrete ponds. G4 is a moisture cured, one component polyurethane product which forms a non-porous, tough, durable but flexible seal on concrete.

Pond Pumps, Garden Accessories, Pond Floating and Surface Skimmers to Ensure a Clean Pond. The Heissner Floating Pond skimmer helps clean the pond surface of all dirt particles. As the skimmer floats it is suitable for most pond depths and self adjusts to changes in the water level.

Electrical Pond Tools, Floating Thermometer, Powersafe Switch Boxes. Monitoring temperature is important as fish should not be fed below 10 degrees centigrade. Our accurate floating thermometer will let you know what's what in the pond.


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