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Oasis Clear Pond and kit set with multi chamber design and built in UVC. The Clear Pond from Oasis is an advanced range of filters with a multi chamber design. Clarity and Purity, an advanced three stage filter a high powered UVC and quick action back flush system.

Bioforce Replacement Foam, packs and maintenance pond kit. Replacement foam packs for the Hozelock Bioforce. Please note this is for the new 2000 model Bioforce, Bioforce 18000 needs 2 sets of 9000 foams.

Pond liners. Bradshaws Alternative Pond Liners Including Butyl and PVC. Butyl liner is made from top quality 0.75mm Swedish Butyl, ideal for use in ponds with lots of shelves as it moulds easily to pond contours, extremely flexible and highly elastic despite its thickness and guaranteed to last.


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