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Pond and Water Garden Lighting. Hozelock lights, Solar Lights and Photech Lights

Hozelock Pond lighting - aquaglow light sets The Cyprio Hozelock lights can be placed at the bottom of the pond, floating on the water surface, or fixed on top of the pump."

Bradshaws Pond Lighting - Super Spotlights. These high quality rock lights are simple to install and come complete with 4 metres of cable from each light to the transformer.

Pond lighting. Blagdon Photech Garden Spotlights. This is low voltage lighting set that will create beautiful effects either in the pond or garden. Complete with weatherproof transformer that can go outside, the Photech lighting system is unrivalled in its ease of installation.

Solar Lighting. The Solar Step Stone provides ambient lighting for your garden or patio. Powered by an integral solar panel the Step Stone automatically illuminates during darkness.


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Oase Pondovac 3


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