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Pond Filters and UVC ... Find the Best Filtration System for your Pond

Hozelock Pressurised Bioforce Filters Ensures a Healthy Pond. The Hozelock Bioforce is a pressurised filter that can be partially buried or fitted behind a waterfall or other garden feature to hide it from view. Bioforce is ideal for pond keepers who want simplicity, clear water and a hidden filter system.

Hozelock Bioforce Filter systems combined with ultra violet clarifier for a clear guaranteed pond water. Bioforce UVC. This is a pressurised pond filter with integrated UVC (Ultra Violet Clarifier). It is small and hidden in the ground. It is very easy to install, simple to maintain.

Hozelock Cyprio Easy clear, with fountain heads, flow adjuster and integrated 5w. The EasyClear is a fully integrated unit that guarantees beautiful, clear, and healthy pond water. The perfect all in one solution for the small pond. Simply place the unit in the pond and switch on, solves the problem of disguising above water filter boxes.

Hozelock Ecocel Filter Systems, for a Healthy and Biological Filtration. Ecocel, simple biological filter for clean water in ponds. Hozelock Ecocel is a compact filtration system with biological pond filters built in ultra violet clarifier for a clear and also healthy pond water.

Hozelock Ecomax filtration systems combined with ultra violet clarifier. Ecomax combined biological filter and UVC. Ecomax provides extra UV and biological performance for cleaner water in garden fish ponds. It is highly efficient mechanical and biological filter for ponds up to 9000 litres.

Filter Brushers and Foam Layers to Service the Filtration System. Filter Brushes give a mechanical filtration a boost by replacing old and worn filter brushes, alternatively use these brushes when building your own filter box.

Pond Filtration Kit. Oase Biosys Sets, Biotec,  Bitron UVC and Aquamax filter pump. The new Oase Biosys products ensure optimal performance on all garden ponds, because the components are high quality and perfectly matched.

Oase Filtoclear and filter set, with aquamax pump, pressurised filter and easy to clean. the Oase Filtoclear sets has an Aquamax pump and the filter is a combined pressurised system and guarantees clear water for easy pond solution. Available combined Oase pond kit provides low maintenance to any pond.

Get clear clean pond water with Lotus Green Filter and genie max filter. The Green Genie from Lotus is a biological filter and ultraviolet clarifier, designed to provide clean clear pond water.

FishMate Pressurised Filters for mechanical and biological filtration in garden Ponds. This design of Fish Mate UV + Bio filters guarantee crystal clear, purified water with minimal maintenance. A variety of models are available featuring Powerclenz.

Oase Bitron UVC, Biotec filters and UVC replacement bulbs. The UVC can be used as a stand alone unit with other types of filters or connected as an integrated part of the Biotec Filter.

Oasis Green 2 Clean Combined Filters Include a Pond Filter that Gives Healthy Water with a UVC. The Green 2 Clean is a tried and tested combined filter with economical pricing. The UVC is compactly designed to fit inside the lid eliminating green water.

Oasis Vortec  Chamber, Mechanical filtration, brushes and Biological filtration. The advanced design and heavy duty construction of the Vortec filters offer Koi enthusiasts a range of professional filter systems which are quick to install and easy to maintain.

Tropical Marine Company (TMC) Professional Pond UVC 30 Watt. These Professional UVCs from TMC are popular with those who have larger or heavily stocked ponds

Hozelock Vorton UVC has a Special Turbulator to Eliminate Algae from Garden Ponds. Vorton UVC is efficient in eliminating green water algae from garden ponds.


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