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Your Garden Pond Will Be So Much Better With The Right Aquatic Plants

The Water Lily and Other Aquatic Or Water Garden Plants For Your Pond
The Water Lily & Other Aquatic Or Water Garden Plants For Your Garden Pond. An Introduction. It's possible to split the subject of aquatic plants up into 6 different types of plant behaviour depending...

Top Water Garden or Aquatic Plants | Arranged By Colour and Type  
This table will help you choose the kind and colour of aquatic or water garden plant you would like to see growing in your garden pond. The table also tells you time of year at which flowers appear and ideal pond depth for the plant chosen...

Adorable Colourful Majestic Aquatic Plants For The Garden Pond
Colourful Majestic Aquatic Plants For The Garden Pond. A pond can look really beautiful when planted. You only have to look at a couple of the many books on water gardening to see the effect that can be obtained...

Water Gardening, Koi Ponds & A Veggie Filter (Vegetable or Aquatic Plant Filter) 

Water plants in a pond are almost a necessity although of course koi keepers might just disagree because koi and nothing else are the focal point in many koi ponds. Koi keepers will never disagree on the importance of pond plants in any pond situation ... it's just that they insist upon sparkling, clean and clear fish ponds disturbed by nothing except those living jewels called koi, resplendent in their colours shape and movement.

Using Aquatic Pond Plants Like A Water Lily To Create Shade In A Water Garden Fish Pond 
Most ponds are (and should be) positioned in full sun. Without shade this can at times be uncomfortable for koi and goldfish especially in shallow garden ponds. Water plants can be effectively used to create shade and with shade comes an ability to provide the fish in your pond with protective cover against predators such as herons...

Japanese Theme For A Water Garden or Koi Pond Gardening Project 
What is it that makes these Japanese garden styles so different so harmonious and special? Why is the Japanese water garden such a well respected form of koi pond and ornamental lake landscaping?

Plants For Hanging Baskets and Pots Around Water Garden Ponds 
First of all be aware that a hanging basket close to a pond is not necessarily a good idea. They create debris but more important the hanging basket needs a lot of water and feeding to look good. Nutrients from watering and feeding get washed into the pond from above. These extra nutrients can play havoc with your pond filtration system and your goldfish or koi cold suffer badly.

Water Lilies, Nymphaea or Lotus Flowers for Ponds and Water Gardens  
Water lilies are plants that can and should adorn every water garden. Water lilies grow strong roots in the mud (or in  a garden pond in the pot) of natural or large artificial ponds. They have long extending leaf stalks and large distinctly shaped leaves which float on the water and provide wonderful shade and protection to koi and goldfish in your pond against herons and other fish predators.

Planting Method, Pots, Crates and Other Aquatic Plant Holding Products 
Each pack is sold individually and will plant in the basket supplied. Water lilies come one per pack while marginal plants have either two or three plants per pack depending on the size of the plant.

Bradshaws Floating Planters, Aquatic Planting Baskets and Aquaplanters 
Quality aquatic planting baskets. Unlike normal pots they let the water flow freely in and out allowing plants to take up more nutrients from the water. Sold in packs of three unless stated.

Useful List Of Aquatic Plants No Flower Sun and Shade  
Not all pond plants have flowers. Here you'll see a list of non-flowering marginal and bog plants for ponds.

Useful List Of Aquatic Plants Whose Flowers Appear In Spring  
Lots of marginal and bog type plants flower in Spring ... see a list of Spring flowering aquatic plants here.

Useful List Of Aquatic Plants Which Flower In Spring and Autumn  
Marsh Forget - Me - Not likes Semi shade. Spring-Autumn flowering aquatic plants list for garden ponds.

Useful List Of Aquatic Plants Flower In Summer 
 List of Summer flowering marginal and bog aquatic pond plants

Information About Top Water Gardening Aquatic Plants | List By Colour and Latin Name  
This list is an alternative view of the table of aquatic plants shown here, will help you choose the kind and colour of aquatic or water garden plant you would like to see growing in your garden pond. The list shows 6 variables for most entries as organized below. Many people prefer this view of information supplied like this and printing short sections of the page is also made easier...



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