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How To Choose The Right Fountain Pump For Your Pond

Throughout this website it has been stressed time and again that a pond pump is essential in any garden fish pond. The pump circulates life giving oxygen to the pond filter system and this allows water containing fish waste products (urine and faeces) to be purified. The oxygen that is removed in pond filters can be replenished using a fountain arrangement attached to a circulating pump.

Whenever you buy a pump by the was always try to buy one that comes complete with fountain attachments because they come free with the original purchase but can be expensive to buy separately.

A quick word on pond pumps generally ... if you intend to have a waterfall then a basic fountain pump may not suit your needs, so in this article we will discuss only ponds that do not have waterfalls.

Fountain pump picture Fountain pumps for use in garden fish ponds are normally advertised as Pond & Fountain Pumps. Their main job is run 24/7 by circulating water in 2 directions ...

1. Up through the cascading fountain attachment

2. Through the pond filter system thereby keeping bacteria alive in filters designed to hold large quantities of oxidising bacteria.

The picture here shows a very basic but adequate fountain. Notice the height of the spray and the many fine droplets produced by the spray pattern. These droplets in contact with air absorb oxygen. The finer the particles of water and the higher the spray then the more oxygen can be dissolved by this process. You'll see some fountains are called foam jets and these are the most efficient at absorbing oxygen but they do need more power to run them (in fact in general the more powerful a pump motor the more oxygen the fountain spray can absorb)

Points To Consider In Choosing The Right Fountain Pump

  • Always choose a fountain pump that comes compete with various fountain heads as well as a valve that allows water to also flow to the biofilter. The price of spare fountain heads is high.

  • To be able to use a foam jet you will need a larger model.

  • Bubble jets are very popular and attractive too.

  • Do not get a fountain that shoots so high that the wind can blow the water out of the pond confines.

  • Make sure the pump is provided by a reliable manufacturer and has at least a 2 years full guarantee.

  • Modern pumps come without sponges in the suction and these are worth reviewing although they may preclude from running very fine mist fountains since the holes may well become blocked..

The most preferred pond products and fountain pumps range is the famous Hozelock Cascade product series

The Hozelock Cascade is a British made all purpose fountain pump with low running costs. A dual flow control allows the waterfall and fountain flows to be adjusted separately, they also come with a telescopic extension pipe, to give an overall pump height of between 30 and 50cm.

  • All Cascade pumps are unique in using TRF (Thermal Resetable Fuse), where the pump switches off if it becomes blocked to prevent motor damage.

  • All Cascades have a complete range of accessories to allow a broad range of uses. Telescopic extension tube, 2 fountain heads, bell jet and a quick release hose connector.

  • Use a Cascade for fountains, waterfalls, ornaments and filtration.

  • Easy to clean, anti-clog, foam free strainer greatly increases maintenance intervals.

  • Low power consumption to save electric power bills.

  • 3 year guarantee at a good selling price.


Pump model or size Max fountain height (m) Power Consumption (watts)
Cascade 450  0.63 6
Cascade 700 0.75 10
Cascade 1000 1.16 18
Cascade 1500 1.2 20
Cascade 2000 1.3 24
Cascade 3000 1.4 30
Cascade 4000 1.6 40
Cascade 5500* 3.25 115
Cascade 7000* 3.5 175

* 5500 and 7000 do not include telescopic extension nozzles


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