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How To Select Water Pipes, Tubing & Pond Pump Fittings.

Pipes, tubing and fittings are a neglected part of pond keeping yet the right selection can make the whole water gardening experience so much more trouble free. Here's an introductory summary of what you should consider to be important in making your pipe and fittings selection ...

  • Flexible pipe or tubing is better than rigid and much easier to install unless you have a large pond that necessitates proper pipe rack design and layout as would be the case with top koi pond installations.

  • Always use the largest possible diameter pipe or tube to reduce friction losses (lowers water flow) in the pipework system.

  • Use the shortest possible length of piping to reduce pressure drop and therefore flow reduction due to pressure drop.

  • Use opaque piping since this prevents algae growth in pipe ... such growth restricts water flow.

  • Do not use any pipe fittings that you can do without since every fitting will create pressure drop and reduce flow from your selected pump. This is especially true of sharp bends, and "T" pieces.

  • When you use jubilee clips to secure hoses then always use plastic or stainless steel ones to make sure when the time comes to remove the clamp or clip that you still can ... rusted jubilee clips are no fun to deal with.

  • If you need to join pipes then use smooth thin walled connectors securely fastened to prevent the pipe coming apart.

  • On the point of secure fittings remember that your pump will continue to pump if the pipe comes off your filter box, or waterfall inlet and eventually the garden pond will empty with possibly catastrophic results. For this reason and as an important "insurance" it is suggested that you position filters and external connected equipment in such a way that water can always run back into the pond if a pipe becomes detached or a filter box overflows for example. Muddy water is better than no water.

In view of all the above points then the use of flexible ribbed non-kinking pipe is almost imperative. Such pipe or tubing comes in rolls of different diameter and you should arrange to buy the length you want.

What Kind Of Fittings Are Available? ... a few examples shown in this picture

pipe fittings from Bradshaws

  • Poly or plastic linx - join two pieces of hose together.

  • Poly or plastic  "T" linx - join three pieces of hose in a T shape to divert water flow.

  • Poly or plastic clips (pack of 3). Clips don't corrode. Ideal for securing hose to pump or on any underwater joints.

  • Double Wire clips (pack of 3) fits between the ribs of the hose for a really secure joint.

  • Hose elbows tidies up those 90 deg. bends by joining two pieces of hose.

  • Poly plastic hose or tubing 5m ... Wire reinforced hose that will not kink or flatten. UPVC will not rot. 5m lengths.

  • Poly hose 30m The same high quality hose in 30 m lengths.

  • Clear hose or tubing ... 5m lengths of transparent hose that let you see what's going on inside!

  • In line tap ... Fits between 2 hoses to allow control of water flow. The 32 and 40mm taps are metal and plastic the smaller taps are all plastic.

Other Fittings

  • Uni adaptor ... 2 way reducer to connect hose of differing diameters. Fits hose sizes 20, 25, 32, 40mm.

  • "Y"  adaptor ... 3 way reducer allows the connection of different hose diameters. Fits hoses or tubing 12, 20, 25, 32mm.

  • Mini Uni adaptor ... 2 way reducer to fit hoses 12, 20, 25mm.

  • Flow control "Y" ... 3 way adaptor that has taps on the 2 outlets. Fits 25mm inlet and 25, 20, 12mm outlets.

Unit Conversions

1 metre = 33inch 12mm = 1/2 20mm = 3/4inch 25mm = 1 32mm = 11/4inch 40mm = 11/2inch


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