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What You Must Have In Your Pond or Water Garden Starter Kits

Many newcomers to the wonderful hobby of  water gardening are attracted to the idea because they've seen a gardening program on TV.  The experts made it look so easy and inviting. What seemed so easy to do by a seasoned expert may not be so easy for the newcomer however and that's why we're here to help.

Before you consider buying a pond kit (by kit we really mean your selection of components matched correctly and obtained from a single source rather than a pre-packaged mix) take a look at our introductions to pond keeping and water gardens. This will help you to decide whether a pond kit is the best option for you.

Maybe you should also look around for good easy to understand books about water gardens.

Good pond kits ... Absolutely essential supplies

A pond kit should contain the following products which should be of the highest quality. In water gardening buying the lowest cost unknown equipment has been proven time and again to be a mistake. Correcting serious pond defects is always considerably more expensive than buying quality products in the first place.

  • A flexible pond liner supplied as a rectangular sheet is the preferred way of creating a custom built pond design to fit your vision ... we recommend Polyex flexible pond and waterfall liners because these have been the best selling liners in the UK for many years. Because a pond is forever they come with a 35yr guaranteed and at times we normally offer free underlay with the liner bought from us (just check by clicking the link to the store).

  • Pond liner underlay ... when a hole has been dug to accept the liner it is always best to place a layer of sand on the base before placing the underlay (the final Polyex liner goes on top of the underlay).  The sand and underlay are to prevent stones coming up through the soil and puncturing the pond liner. Polyex is extremely flexible and durable and safe for use in any fish pond. Visit the page about liner sizing to see how to calculate the amount of liner and underlay you'll need to suit your pond design. Remember the final liner size should be sufficient to allow for a pond final depth of 2-3 feet (say 60 to 90 cm) minimum and about a 1 ft (30 cm) surround on which the final pond edging can be laid. You should allow for more pond liner and underlay  if you intend to create planting shelves using the pond liner itself.

  • A submersible pond pump. Make sure you pick the right model with the right specification. There are so many pumps and models that do different duties that pump specification can be a bit of a minefield. On this site we've made choosing the right pump for any pond and waterfall situation easy for you. Nevertheless you might just want to give us a ring to check out your final decision. Waterfalls and pump choice ... the right pond and waterfall pump is decided upon by considering the height of the waterfall above the pond surface and the width of the waterfall's overflow lip or edge. A good rule of thumb for most waterfalls is to allow 250 to 300 litres per minute of flow for every inch (2.5cm) width of overflow lip.  Most top brand pumps come with free complete fountain kits and fittings. These are always a good choice ... if you ever need to buy fountains separately they are expensive and often the right fit is difficult to achieve.

  • Do buy kink free flexible pipe or tubing and make the connections as short as possible and use a hose size of diameter 25mm or more in most cases. This kind of flexible kink-free pipe will not easily restrict water flow when you need to bend it round corners or place it close to rocks. This pipe is also easy to attach to the pump and other pond equipment using clamps. Small diameter pipe or tubing and extra long lengths should be avoided because they reduce the flow of water from the pump. Use the right kind and size of clamps for your plumbing to make future maintenance easy on yourself ... eg stainless steel clamps or plastic ones that don't rust.

  • Possibly the most important part of your kit will be your choice of pond filter and UVC (ultra violet light clarifier).  This system of a biofilter and UVC will achieve 2 vitally important things ... (1) the pond biofilter will clean and purify the pond water and (2) the UVC (ultra violet light clarifier) will make the pond water clear by killing any suspended algae. This algae in suspension is so small it cannot be filtered out and the algae is the major reason for cloudy green or murky brown pond water. Never think of installing a fish pond without using a combination of biofilter and UVC. These days the best units come as a single combined product item and they can be pressurized or gravity fed systems.

  • Pond and water garden projects need electricity to run the pump and UVC. You might decide now or later to add lighting to your pond surrounds or even install submersed low voltage pond lights. These all need electricity and as everybody knows water and electricity do not mix well so safety is of paramount importance. Make your choice of the right safety equipment from products like junction boxes for steel armoured cable, safety RCD (residual current devices) adaptors and master plugs as well as Armadillo extension cables.

Pond kits and accessories ... There are many other accessories you may want to consider for a complete top class pond project but the listed supplies above MUST be included. Omit any of these products and your water gardening project will become a disappointment rather than a joy. You'll certainly want a few aquatic plants and planting baskets. Skimmers are great accessories but they do make pond installation a bit more complex.

Example of a pre-packaged pond kit supplied by Bradshaws for a 1000 Litre Pond Kit

Bradshaws Pond Kits On Display These pond and filtration kits have been put together by Bradshaws to give you everything you need to create your water garden. The 1000 litre pond kit provides all the equipment for a small perfect pond - typical dimensions 2m x 1m x 0.5m deep

  • 1 x Green Genie 2000

  • 1 x Maximus 800

  • 1 x 20mm Hose (5m)

  • 1 x Double Waterfall Slate Grey or Sandstone

  • 1 x Polyex 4m x 3m liner (25yr Guarantee)

  • 1 x Standard Underlay 4m x 3m

  • 3 x Wire Hose Clips

Click here to buy a pond kit from Bradshaws.

A note about supplies from Bradshaws because we bank our 25 years reputation and our future success on our customer service and free advice we present you with.

Slick Professional Order Line and Customer Sales Advice

Bradshaws understand that the creation of your first pond or water feature can seem quite daunting. Bradshaws provide all the free help, information and advice you'll ever need and we're just a phone call away. We'll gladly help you choose pond kits to suit all pond size situations.

Check us out ... Call our CUSTOMER CARE ORDER HOTLINE on 01904 698803 to reach our friendly, knowledgeable staff, fully trained and always on hand to answer any queries or problems you have quickly and efficiently. Don't let your lack of experience deter you here .. there are no silly questions as far as Bradshaws is concerned. Customer care and service is uppermost in our minds at all times. Your privacy is always guaranteed.

Shipping is direct to your door from our warehouse in York and takes approximately 5-7 working days. However the shipping service can be speeded up by paying the extra courier costs on items you order. See our customer service page for full order, shipping details online or offline.

Find what you want at any time ... order the Bradshaws free quality catalogue online ... see the link at the top of every page.

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