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How To Choose The Right Site For Your Water Garden Design

Like diamonds a pond is forever so make sure your site selection of its resting place is perfect and ideal for maximum enjoyment. Do not put it in the backyard where nobody will ever see it (including yourself). So ...

Select Your Water Garden Site Carefully

  • Try to avoid putting your pond in a fully shaded area. Once plants are established these will provide shade for the fish. Few aquatic plants will grow well in shade.

  • Do not put the pond close to deciduous trees if you can avoid it because of falling leaves in autumn. Avoid the hassles but if you really have to put your pond close to deciduous trees then you can always buy a lightweight net to overcome the problem of leaves falling into the water.

The final choice is simple put your pond where you can enjoy it most. But don't put it outside the bedroom window unless you like the sound of running water to get you to sleep. For the same reason give consideration to your neighbours needs also. Mind you if you want to place it outside a bedroom window there is an easy and economical solution to creating a peaceful noiseless pond. Just switch off the waterfall pump BUT and this is a BIG BUT you must continue to feed the biofilter with water 24/7. Let me repeat ... Your pond filter needs running water 24 hours a day and the gurgling and splashing sound from a waterfall might just annoy you as you lie in your bed. Just switching the pump off will harm your fish. Believe it or not 2 pumps can be considerably cheaper and better than one.

In terms of being more specific the ideal location for a northern hemisphere pond would be an area in the garden facing towards the South and West somewhat. In the Southern hemisphere an area facing North and West would be a preferred location. In both cases an area exposed to sun for about 5 or 6 hours would be ideal.

Beware Poisonous Trees In The Area Of The Pond Site

Trees that can present a problem are

  • Oak

  • Laburnum

  • Yew

  • Elder

  • Willow.

  • These trees will have toxic to poisonous foliage

  • In general also avoid shrubs with berries in the immediate area of the pond.

Is Your Pond Site Level?

When you come to the digging and construction of the pond life is made dramatically easier if the pond site chosen is level. However this should not be the deciding reason for your site unless there is no real alternative.

Constructing a pond on sloping ground is more complex and needs some concrete and bricklaying skills but remember what I said above ... a pond is forever and a pond is to be seen and enjoyed most of the time not only for a few hours each summer weekend. Take the extra building, trouble ... make your pond choice worth it.


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