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How to Decide on Electrical Requirements for your Water Garden or Fish Pond Design

Your final pond design will probably include a pump, UVC (ultra violet light clarifier), and maybe lights. These items or pond products all need electric power to make them work. Consequently planning for an electricity supply for your garden fish pond project is imperative. Always remember electricity and water do not mix well so extra special attention has to be paid to ensure completely safe aquatic environments. The following is a summarised list of basic requirements ... In the UK all electrical work must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations and failure to comply is judged to be a criminal offence. Do take care... and contact your local authority's building control department for good sensible advice.

  • Long lengths of outdoor cable should be protected using armoured cable or appropriate conduits.

  • The source of power should be protected by an earth leakage or residual current device so that in the event of electrical connections being exposed to water then the whole electric circuit will trip to prevent accidents and maybe even death.

  • Pond or fountain pumps with short 2 core cables must not be used in outdoor environments (in fact it is illegal in many countries to sell such pumps for outdoor usage)

  • In calculating the length of cable required decide first upon whether it will be buried or not and layout the cable run using rope or string and then add an extra metre for additional flexibility.

  • All outdoor connecting points must be weatherproof and certified as such.

  • Outdoor cabling for pond pumps is made from specially manufactured rubber and certified to meet exacting safety standards. The cable normally has words to this effect printed on the cable itself.

  • In areas where the public at large and especially children gather often electrical equipment will be low voltage so that in the event of any accidents there is no risk of electrocution.

  • These days although not always suitable solar power products are used for safety reasons.

What Kind Of Electrical Devices and Fittings Are Available?

To enable people to install electrical equipment outdoors in full compliance with legal and building codes power kits have been designed by companies like Armadillo in the UK.

A complete kit consists of cable, connectors for submersed and ground level positions, junction boxes, and switch boxes. Click this link to see a full description of a project using approved electrical power kits for water garden fish ponds which can be obtained from Bradshaws.

Click here to buy electrical power kits from Bradshaws.




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