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BKKS (British Koi Keeping Society) Branches In United Kingdom. Join A Koi Club

People with a true love of pond keeping may well find there are many advantages in joining a club of one sort or another. The most active organisations are those associated with the British Koi Keepers Society (BKKS) and some of the branches are listed below.

The British Koi-Keepers' Society was founded in 1970 by a group of people who quite simply loved koi. In 1970 very little was known about koi outside of Japan ... in fact little was really known about good pond keeping practice in general and the understanding of water quality in terms of pond keeping was in its infancy.

BKKS was created to allow an inter-sharing of ideas on how best to keep koi in garden ponds. There were no magazines like Nishikigoi International or Koi Carp at the time.

Today, the BKKS broadcasts its activities in Koi Carp magazine and online at

BKKS also organize the UK National Koi Show and the its 30th anniversary was held in 2005.

If you're more interested in finding a local gardening or less formal koi or goldfish club speak to your local garden centre or aquatics store. You may well find notices and posters about events and other local happenings.

Clubs are always looking for new members.

Clubs often have a large selection of books, CD's, DVD's and videos that can are lent out. Annual membership fee are generally low

Branches of the BKKS

  1. BKKS & Heart Of England Koi Society

  2. BKKS Avon Section

  3. BKKS Central Section

  4. Essex Section

  5. Lea Valley & Harlow Section

  6. Leicestershire Koi Section

  7. Middlesex & Surrey Border Section

  8. Norwich Section

  9. Nottingham Section

  10. Peterborough & Cambs Section

  11. Potteries & District Section

  12. South East Section

  13. South Wales Section

  14. Suffolk & North Essex Section

  15. Wirral & District

  16. Worthing & District Section

  17. Yorkshire Section

  18. Koi Cymru

  19. Mid Lincs

  20. South Hants Section

  21. West Wales Section

  22. Kennet Valley Koi Society

Other regions include ...

  • Birmingham & District

  • Cheshire & Borders

  • Cheshire & District
    Chiltern Crouch Valley

  • East Pennine
    Heart of Wales

  • Ireland

  • Kennet Valley

  • Lea Valley & Harlow

  • Leicestershire

  • Manchester & District

  • Mid Staffs

  • North East

  • Northampton

  • Plymouth & District

  • Scottish South East

  • South Hants

  • South Kent South Wales

  • Suffolk & North Essex

  • West Wales

  • West Lancashire


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