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This page and the following one was extracted from the Bradshaws 2005 catalogue and provides a good cross section of what's available to ensure that your water garden plants are planted correctly and so that you get the most enjoyment from them.

This is What Bradshaws Said in 2005 ...

Once you have finished your pond construction you will want to put in some plants. Bradshaws have found a collection of plants that are really easy to install and produce fabulous results. Each pack contains:

  • quality aquatic basket

  • fertilizer tablet

  • clay granules (to mix with garden soil making aquatic soil)

  • rooted plants

  • gravel for the top of the basket

  • instructions

Each pack is sold individually and will plant in the basket supplied. Water lilies come one per pack while marginal plants have either two or three plants per pack depending on the size of the plant.

water lilies Water Lilies

1 White Water Lily (Nymphaea albida)

1 Red Water lily (Nymphaea attraction)

1 Yellow Water Lily (Nymphaea chromatella)

1 Pink Water Lily (Nymphaea rosea)

Marginal Plants showing ... Planting Depth (cm) and Growing Height (cm)

  • 3 Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) 5-25, 100-120

  • 3 Dwarf Reedmace (Typha minima) 10, 60-75

  • 2 Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) 2-15, 60-75

  • 2 Flag Iris (Iris pseudocorus) 25, 100-120

  • 2 Pickerel Rush (Pontederia cordata ) 8-15, 45-60

  • 2 Japanese Water Iris (Iris laevigata) 5-10, 50-70

  • 3 Reedmace (Typha latifolia) 8-30, 200-250

  • 2 Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) (10 in summer), 60 cms

Edging Bag Holder

Edging bag holder made from hessian Strong and durable hessian planter with plastic weave backing. The planter is 1 metre wide and 60cm deep with two planting

pockets 50 x 20cm each. Comes with four securing stakes included.



Floating Planter Island

Comes complete with three round planting baskets and a kit to secure the island in place in your pond. It can be positioned at any depth in the pond by weighing it down.


aquatic water plants continued


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