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Barley Straw Extract Green Algae & Blanketweed Control In Ponds

We've discussed the process of how we think barley straw works to remove algae in pond water. Well one of the problems with actually using barley straw in bale form is that it looks messy and in fact becomes messy. Well around 1997 a company in the UK called Aquahydrotech produced an extract of barley straw. The impact of this was significant because it allowed algae and blanketweed treatment using the magic of barley straw to be accomplished more readily and tidily.

Barley straw extract is a yellowish non hazardous, non flammable, earthy type of chemical with a pH between 7 and 8. Phytooxins were apparently identified as the active agents in the barley straw extract ... ie these are the compounds that actually damage the algae.

The recommended dosage was 125 mls per 1000 litres of pond water (another reason to know your pond volume)

A cupful of the extract is apparently the equivalent of a sack full of barley straw.

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