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UK Fish Ponds and Water Gardens.

Concept, Creation, Care and Supplies

Let Bradshaws help you create and maintain the most beautiful garden pond in an idyllic water garden setting. We'll make it easy and low cost too, with whatever water garden supplies or products you need

Over the last 25 years as the UK water gardening mail order market leaders, Bradshaws have provided many thousands of  water garden ideas, solutions and pond products to our loyal customers. We've now gone one step further by making these ideas available to the world at large using the power and instant availability of the Internet. This free site about water gardens and fish ponds takes you through from the concept of water gardening to the creation process and, most importantly, to the after care.The site is a collection of garden fish pond-keeping articles guaranteed to solve a diverse range of typical problems experienced by water gardeners country-wide. Despite our many years of leading the UK water garden mail order supplies market we remain as committed as ever to you, the water gardener. Use this site at your leisure, ask us questions, discover great new ideas and solutions but most of all enjoy the information we've provided for you because the next 25 years will be even better

Bradshaws pond and water garden care The kind of free water gardening articles you'll find here:

After all, ponds are to be enjoyed and they must add value to your home and lifestyle.

We've also tried hard to make it easy for you to find information on only those articles and find information on only those product reviews or supplies that interest you. The navigation menus take you directly to summary pages where you'll see short descriptions for every article and product we cover. These are divided into specific areas. Just click a few of the links and you'll soon see what we mean. Here's the broad coverage and what you can expect by spending a little time with us here ... and we've made the pages load fast because we also know your time is valuable too. We've used images only where they add value for you, the customers.

  • THE POND ITSELF ... How to choose the right type of pond ... rigid liners or flexible preformed pond liners and why you might prefer one type to the other. We'll also show you how to decide on the right size of liner, how to calculate pond volumes whatever the shape might be. You'll also learn how to install a pond and create areas for the right types of aquatic plants to thrive in. We'll highlight for you the differences between koi ponds and goldfish ponds and plain simple water garden ponds. You'll learn of the delights of the wildlife pool and the extra beauty of recreating the natural look. We'll encourage you t do much of the pond creation yourself to get maximum and lowest cost benefits from your pond.

  • BIOFILTERS UVC AND ALGAE CONTROL ... Did you ever hear anybody say ... my ponds are always dirty. They're cloudy and murky and green like pea soup? Well truth be told there's thousands of ponds out there just like that. However there is no reason why any water garden or garden fish need ever be dirty, murky or green even in mid summer. We'll explain why ponds stay dirty, why they go green and murky. More importantly we'll show you how to ensure this never happens to your pond ... GUARANTEED. Pond filters are misunderstood. Do you know what pond skimmers are and what they do? Well a pond skimmer can reduce your pond filter's load dramatically as you'll find out.

  • POND PUMPS ... The essential pond pump. The main reason for a pond pump in a fish pond is to keep the biofilter bacteria alive. Pond filters must contain a healthy population of bacteria to be able to purify pond water. Now not many people understand this yet the biofilter is the fundamental secret to successful clean pond water and healthy fish. So many experts make this subject complicated but on this site we'll simplify the ideas and concepts and provide innovative solutions to all biofiltration hassles and we'll do this in a manner everybody can understand and refer to into the future.

  • POND PLANTS FOR BEAUTY ... Do I need aquatic plants in my pond? Yes I think so. Aquatic plants add shade, colour and form to any pond and they provide a vitally important job of removing nitrates fro the pond water. As you know from feeding your shrubs and lawn nitrate is a fertilizer and that's why the plants in your pond consume it. This helps the overall health of your pond as you'll understand. You'll be warned of the invasive types of pond plants. You should avoid these aquatic items.

  • WATER GARDEN KITS ... The ideal way for a newcomer to water gardening is to buy a low cost kit that has all the essential components. By essential items I mean a liner, pump, pond filter, UVC (for algae control), a few plants, pipe, fittings and planting baskets.

  • FISH FOOD SUPPLIES FOR KOI AND ALL OTHER FISH ... Your fish need to eat and what they eat will impact significantly impact upon  the water quality in your pond or water garden. You'll learn how to understand and choose between different fish foods and by doing that we'll surely save you some money on the times you need to buy fish food again.

  • ACCESSORIES ... we'll tell you about them. We'll make objective recommendations and identify what's important and yes not so critical but still maybe nice to have. Pond maintenance requires the occasional replacement of pipes, fittings and the like. If you design the water garden correctly, install high quality recommended products at first and use the right accessories then pond maintenance is easy and hassle free.

  • LIGHTS AND LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING ... Lighting of the right kind for your pond and water garden surrounds add another dimension to your garden. Diffused lighting or intense spot lights can make a dramatic difference to your garden at night. View this water garden world in a different way.

  • Unit conversions ... at some time you will need to convert from one set of units to another. Go to this unit conversion page for help . You'll also see it at bottom of many pages.

Professional Order Line and Customer Sales Advice

Bradshaws understand that the creation of your first pond or water feature can seem quite daunting. Bradshaws provide all the free help and advice you'll ever need and we're just a phone call away.

Check us out ... Call our ORDER HOTLINE on 01904 698803 to reach our friendly, knowledgeable staff, fully trained and always on hand to answer any queries or problems you have quickly and efficiently. Don't let your lack of experience deter you here .. there are no silly questions as far as Bradshaws is concerned. Customer care and service is uppermost in our minds at all times.

Shipping is direct to your door from our warehouse in York and takes approximately 5-7 working days. However the shipping service can be speeded up by paying the extra courier costs on items you order. See our customer service page for full order, shipping details online or offline.

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